Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Creating Your Survey

Your session project is to create an online survey (using the tool Survey Monkey), analyze and interpret the data and write up a formal report. In order for you and your classmates to collect data for all of the surveys, you will need to answer the surveys for four different groups of students. Please click on each of the following links and respond to all of the surveys by clicking on the title of each survey. You will need to click the "back key" (précédent) after you have finished each survey to get back to the original page.
ENA CEF students
Longueuil CEF Students
ENA CEE, Group 3010
ENA CEE, Group 3020

When it is time to analyze the data, you and your partner will post a short 100-word summary of your findings so that the people who filled out your survey can read about the results. Your final written project, however, will be an individual report where you carefully analyze and interpret the results and include appendices that show all of the statistcs and graphs.

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